About Us

Alexandria Lodge of Research meets in Grand Rapids, Michigan at the Grand Rapids Masonic Center. The mission of Alexandria is to provide an open forum for the presentation of Masonic research and discussion. The Lodge meets quarterly for a brief business meeting followed by one or two presentations on a topic relating to Freemasonry or other subjects that may provide enlightenment to our members.

Alexandria Lodge is a formal meeting with a minimum dress code of dark suit and tie. All business meetings are opened on the Master Mason degree but presentations will be held after the meeting and open to the public unless otherwise noted in the announcement for the meeting and depending on the nature of the subject.


Officers for 2018 in order of appearance. Dirk Hughes (Treasurer), Joseph VanDerStelt (Secretary), Steven Powers (Junior Warden), Todd Schmitz (Worshipful Master), Jeremiah Waterchilde (Senior Warden), Rob Carter (Senior Deacon), Quintin Tiffany (Tyler), Royce Myers (Junior Deacon, Not Pictured)